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We've taken the Northstar a few times but just for fun. It's never been available for the airport, though I check every time we have to fly. Either the trip to the airport or the trip home from the airport are not available. There aren't any other mass transit options out here in the boonies. And hubby works in Hopkins so he's really been looking forward to the light rail link when it is available in a couple years. I used the trip planning feature a while ago and discovered it would take about 2 hours for him to get to work using mass transit (or maybe 2.5 counting drive time to the Elk River station?), and he can drive in less than 45 minutes. Even the Twins game we went to we didn't dare use the train in case our son couldn't make it through the whole game (it was Autism awareness day and we needed the option to be able to go home at some point during the game if he needed to decompress). The only option was about ten minutes after the game started. Just not enough schedule choices to trust that the northstar will meet our needs, which is really too bad. They'd probably offer more choices if more people were riding, but without more choices fewer people ride because the schedule is too limited. Round and round...then there's the article in the Star Tribune saying the Northstar is a failure. Grrr.
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