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Originally Posted by rmhrc628 View Post
Wow that looked remarkably easy. What am I missing?

Were those bays inspection bays? I thought the crossing was all heavily armed us soldiers?

Or because it's southbound it's the easy way?

I couldn't believe the ease how he did it. Who checks your passport ?
You're missing about 5000 other cars trying to do the same thing.

First was the border crossing, the lights and the gates. Then the inspection area yes. Headed south, that's the "primary" inspection, and the "secondary" inspection is where you get told to go if you have something that someone may be able to "tax" as an import.

Going north, the "primary" inspection is where the first guard is, and "secondary" is where you're sent if you're suspected of having contraband.

occasionally, there will be US BP and ICE checking southbound cars. usually on friday afternoon and saturday mornings and randomly throughout the rest of the week.

Passport doesn't get checked headed south. They don't care about that, only your "taxable" items.

It WAS easy. as I mentioned, because there was very little traffic. If you've driven in LA et al, you'll be accustomed to the level of traffic, but now just imagine it's a free for all, on the shoulder, shooting gaps, getting to the front... and then add assholes like me on a Goldwing doing the same thing. Coming back after the race will be heavy traffic headed north too. If you don't already, get your passport card. Expedite it. pay whatever it takes. The difference in line could possibly be hours. And I mean, the quick line (ready lane, RFID) could be 2 hours, the slow line (non RFID) could be 5 hours. I wouldn't doubt it.
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Watching Dakar is like watching people who've built their own world, and for just a couple of weeks they get to live in it.
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