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Originally Posted by TonyGibbons View Post
Hey Dusty thanks for the comparative screen shot!! That is very helpful and it does look like your O2 values are much more even. Mine are crazy because they'll just drop all of a sudden to almost 0 and then fluctuate a bit, then come back to the 0.7-0.8V range, then drop again, and the injector pulse doesn't really seem to move in lockstep with the O2 value. I really don't have any clue how to diagnose this other than fiddling with vacuum hoses at this point. I suppose I could switch the 2 O2 sensors and see if that makes a difference, but ugh I think I'd have to take the whole exhaust back off...

So were you saying you thought that the exhaust should or shouldn't feel the same at the exhaust pipe?

Dirtjack - thanks for the info on the voltage - I've got the 2nd fan also so maybe my levels are reasonably normal - at least not high on the list of possible culprits...
Mine will do that also with the o2s reading, they do a dance... i dont get it either.
From memory i dont think mine felt equal from day one... different lenths of pipe, bends?
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