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Originally Posted by brocktoon View Post
SBLEDs only has one style of BA7 bulb, so I got the following:

Gauge illumination: 2 white bulbs
Neutral indicator: 1 green
High beam indicator: 1 blue
Oil pressure light: 1 amber

For the turn signal indicator (BA9 blub) there are more choices. I went with the green wide-angle BA9 bulb. Since the bulb's only for notifying the operator (i.e. not for visibility) it was cheaper and has proven plenty bright for its intended purpose.

I haven't field-tested the gauge illumination bulbs yet, so I'm not sure how well they'll light it up at night. Comparing them head-to-head with the standard bulbs they appear brighter, but it's a cooler light.

Down the road I'll likely replace the turn signal bulbs and the flasher relay with one that can support LEDs.
I think I'm missing something here. Did you not change out your charging system indicator bulb with a Red LED? From the looks of it, it's a BA9. Is that correct?
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