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Hurry up and wait

Slowing down a bit to let time catch up with me. I'm hoping to visit my uncle Dick near Tuscon, where I'll raid their icebox and leave a ring around their tub they'll be talking about for years. He promised good coffee too and I'm keen to hold him to it.

It's a nice change to feel welcome somewhere, yesterday seemed to get the better of me I'm afraid. I sat outside of McDonalds stealing wifi with parents yanking their kids away from me in a painfully obvious and insulting manner. My hair can't be that bad, can it? Admittedly, I was there for a while staring at a map and GPS trying to find a place to lay my head, covered in 4000 miles of dust, dirt and a few undocumented bug species.

To make things a little more interesting campsites with showers are hard to come by down here. For some reason and I was willing to pay the extra cost for a KOA yesterday until the price climbed to $30 and they didn't seem real friendly toward scooter trash. Payment in full after hours, exact change please.

Aggravated I was determined to find a better place to crash, and for $10 more I found a cheap hotel in Tempe. I felt vindicated and and my attitude improved. I even felt welcome in this run down little hotel. Breakfast left a little to be desired though.

This was their idea of "coffee, juice and pastries" This was the only pastry.
But after driving around Tempe (prounounced 'tempEEE' with a lot of sauce on the ee"

I desperately wanted breakfast, but it was already 10:40, too late for breakfast at my usual. I looked in the GPS and to my amazement there was a Dunkin Donuts only a few miles away. When I got there it had since changed to a pizza joint. Bummer. I pulled in to fuel up and noticed a motorcycle cop. I pulled up and started to chat. Mike was his name and real friendly and very interested in the trip. It really boosted my morale to be reminded of how lucky I was. He retires next year and plans to do exactly what I'm doing, just ride with no plans. Sometimes you get caught up in the routine of anything and forget how lucky you are. Mike was my reminder for the day. Thanks Mike.

Although he pointed me to a less chain oriented caffeine fix, but I really wanted a little slice of home. Success.


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