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Well, the bike has come home from rehab, sporting it's new subframe & other bits, so it's time to set to work.
First off I remove the pump from the tank, the book specifies a special tool to undo the locking ring, but, hey, I'm just an Aussie truck driver, so I used a hammer and punch.

Once the pump is out I remove the filter and set the outlet from the pump onto the spigot that the filter used to mount to.

The hose that previously fitted to the barb on the top of the tank is pulled down and forward and becomes the outlet from the new filter to the injection rail.

Note the Compufire regulator, this is being fitted at the same time, hopefully saving my stator.
A new hose is then run from the tank to the inlet of the filter, then the filter is zip tied to one of the hoses running from the Touratech Tank.

This may seem a bit dodgy brothers, but my thinking is that a flexible mounting is superior to a rigid one.
Besides, it was easier.
Fired it up, all good. Will test it this weekend on the annual OCBR.
I can now replace the fuel filter at regular service intervals at minimal cost.
A bit of a no-brainer really.
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