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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
Coming back after the race will be heavy traffic headed north too. If you don't already, get your passport card. Expedite it. pay whatever it takes. The difference in line could possibly be hours. And I mean, the quick line (ready lane, RFID) could be 2 hours, the slow line (non RFID) could be 5 hours. I wouldn't doubt it.
DO NOT GET THE PASSPORT CARD ALONE. YOU CAN NOT FLY USING THE PASSPORT CARD. If injured it will slow things down, take your passport. Yes, the Ready Line is somewhat better, but EVERYONE in the vehicle must have either the passport card or an RFID passport. Do not try to get in the SENTRI lane with out the specific SENTRI pass, SENTRI lane is not Ready lane. You will be sent to the end of the regular line!!!!
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