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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
You took a basically unknown used bike slapped a bunch of mods on it and took it to Africa which is totally awesome. From what I remember from the report you only really had 2 problems right? Fuel pump twice and the voltage regulator? You did allot of beating around the bush to find the issue though because the computer wasn't exceedingly helpful in telling you what the problem was.
It had less than 1,000 miles when I started the trip, yes it was used.

Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
What type of mileage did you get, how did it change once you took the akrapovic map off?
I had the stock map all the way until Turkey. With the stock map on the highway at 75 mph I was getting 35 mpg. Nick was much higher, but he didn't run the numbers. I just know that we filled up everyday at the same pumps and only once did I take less fuel then his bike. The one time I got better mileage, I was riding faster because my bike handled the slippy dirt road better than nicks F800GS

Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
What type of mileage was Nick getting? From what I've read the F800's get about 50ish did you see that real world?
I'm not sure what he got, I would guess averaging 60 mpg and me averaging 45 mpg.

Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
I don't want a stripped down 950/990, I want a smoother, slightly more powerful and more reliable twin cylinder 690.
Agreed, and I don't even need more power. As a side benefit would fuel economy improve just by going to a twin? I don't know anything about this stuff.

And one more thought. I really only care about the motor, transmission and frame. I can't fix or change those things so they have to be perfect from the start. As far as seat comfort, wind protection, lights, fuel capacity/placement and luggage go, WHO CARES? The aftermarket will take care of that for us. We just need the right engine, trans and frame combo to start with.

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