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Originally Posted by K0m4 View Post
I don't have to "believe" anything, I was watching it with my own eyes in 1000 fps. Hell, even Bautista slid through.

Stoner had the pace this weekend, but when people speak the way they do about his slides, I start wondering if they've watched any race before 2011.. Look up a certain McCoy, just as one example of someone who's hella more spectacular.
So was i, and NO ONE "attacked" turn 3 like Stoner, if there is so much evidence, post some pics or vids, i was there on Friday and at home on Sunday, i didn't mention slides in any of my comments, it was all about commitment.

I Don't need to "lookup" Mr Squiggle, i have been watching MotoGP since the mid 80's, Gary and many other riders before slid bikes, no one is doubting that, hell watch Moto2!!!

If you are so blinded that you can't see anything special in the way Stoner rides, then i feel sorry for you. Jeez i'm not asking you to profess undying love for the guy, just show him a little respect...

Watching Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Stoner for the past 2 seasons has been a thing of beauty, 3 guys on the absolute limit pushing each other, sure there has been little passing, that doesn't diminish the spectacle for me,

Friday morning even Speezah, was commenting about Stoner and his style, all i'm going to say is that he is unique, it is a pity that the politics and the off track aspects of what passes for racing these days has brought the series to where it is today, this is supposed to be the best guys on the best bikes, and if a few of them are aliens, then that is a wonderful thing, it shows us all what is possible, soon MotoGP will be nothing more than a spectacle for the McDonalds generation who want a quick fix....
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