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Meeting at the end !!

Found the thread looking awesome. If you do decide to change your mind and mod the bike with a stronger stator and accessory's for heat they are available and I am sure you could order and send to a hotel or house. It seems as though our raw determination aka "heart" is telling you to do this Journey something I have seen in the past when we were young dumb and full of ...shit. Just remember to keep a good head about you and make conscious deliberate informed decisions. The Cold will creep up on you like a child molester and then you may never recover. Depending on you travel speed I will come up and meet you somewhere in Arkansas or "Miserable" Missouri. How goes the packing list you should post some photos and list the supply so we can see and send much needed pogey bait and widgets to help you along the way. Hell it may turn into an treasure hunt getting you gee whiz stuff. Hell you could probably get a sponsor from a Honda dealership. I will call you in a bit so the good idea fairy can run wild. Later Brother.
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