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Originally Posted by rpo83 View Post
....Friday morning even Speezah, was commenting about Stoner and his style, all i'm going to say is that he is unique, it is a pity that the politics and the off track aspects of what passes for racing these days has brought the series to where it is today, this is supposed to be the best guys on the best bikes, and if a few of them are aliens, then that is a wonderful thing, it shows us all what is possible, soon MotoGP will be nothing more than a spectacle for the McDonalds generation who want a quick fix....
I wish you were wrong. But, I'm concerned you might be right. I've been watching since the mid-80's also. Sure seems it used to be more wide open with the rules (or, at least less rules and less constant changing) and racing was what it was all about. All the politics and constant changes and progressive clamping down on what's allowed, just seems to be spoiling the show.

I'll still get that subscription for next year though.
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