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2 wheels !!!!
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Okay I have to chime in. I just purchased my 09 f800gs about three weeks ago. I am a dirt bike rider but wanted a true all around bike. Something that would be comfortable to ride to get me to the dirt and tear up the dirt when I got to it. I was riding my trusted 93 xr600, still have it, won't sell it but not exactly comfortable for those long gravel roads.

Soooo I took the leap. I can say this bike is certainly bigger and heavier, but WOW is it a great bike. I can't get it out of my mind. The weather is turning and I am trying to squeeze every minute I can to ride it. I am still a little nervous around the more challenging dirt areas which I would normally just tear up on my smaller bikes but they are no comparison to the overall comfort and capabilities I see with this bike.

I am already dreaming of a true long haul adventure.

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