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Originally Posted by TUCKERS View Post
Just had a 1998 Husqvarna (I think TE 610) delivered. Street legal. Looks like Baja Designs stuff.

What do you know about these bikes?

Looks like someone that had it before knew a thing or two, has a Vapor type guage array and some other cockpit mods on a nice custom plate. Excel rims and fat spokes. Mini turn signals.

This bike is new to me and I know nothing about the model.

I can't even find the battery or ignition switch if it even has one.

It has an exhaust on it that says TE 610, it's got a 1998 vin.

SUPPOSEDLY the carb is cleaned and the valves set.

Anyone fancy doing a tech day for beer and snacks? I have two broken hands I am repairing, but can still open bottles and make sandwiches.

Any info, pictures, loan of a manual, help, ideas.

or you can just stop by and laugh...............
I had a '98 --- Great bike. Tricky to start with the left hand kick at first then when you get the hang of it pretty reliable.
Lots of power.
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