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Saw Back Ridge Track Part 2 .... ... .. .

I considered turning around and heading home, but since the bike seemed 100% ready to go with no ill effects from the drowning, the only option was to battle on!

I was at the water hole for around 2 hours all up, and I had drained it down a fair bit... The level was up at the stick to start with:

(take note of the bank at the left, it looks flatter on video due to the wide angle lens)

I was all set to head back into the water when I realized the left bank had dried out a fair bit, it seemed ridable now.. (it was a warm day and the sun had been on it for a couple of hours).... There was a couple tree branches blocking the narrow bank at the end, this is a conservation area, part of The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and I do my best to stick to the "Leave No Trace" guidelines, so I was reluctant to break the branches off.... I ended up braking a couple of dead branches off, and I tied a couple of the living branches back out of the way with reeds so I had a fairly clear route...

Part D, 10 min video, around the water hole and onward to a couple more knee deep holes:

Part E, 2 min video, and another drop:

At least it was a nice day:

This little mud hill turned into the hardest part of the day, if I had just stayed in the left trench and followed it up I would have been ok, but I tried to ride up the middle and dropped it.... Then dropped it again trying to get back over to the left... Then I gave up and just headed up the right hand side which was impossible:

It's not much of a slope, but it gave me a lot of grief:

Part F, 10 min video, drop at the start, the rest is just me thinking and struggling to move forward:
(probably not worth watching unless you enjoy watching someone suffer)

I spent close to an hour here, I tried things like packing dead bracken fern in the trench to get traction but it didn't help... The main problem was, people had packed the trench with tree branches which were embedded in the mud paralell to the trench, the knobbies couldn't bite in and get traction:

I eventually gave up on the right hand side, pushed the bike back down through the mud, then ran up the left side, wish I had done that to start with!

Part G, 1 min video, Success made it

So annoying... but educational

I continued on, the track was still fairly bad but it seemed easy after the earlier dramas... I forgot to turn the camera back on, so there's a couple of mins of missing footage....

Along here there was a couple of decent water holes, I managed to skirt around the edge of one, I turned the engine off and grabbed the trees to pull myself around:

The next one had a bit of a drop off to get into it, knee deep, it was a bit scary, but no drama:

Part H, 11 min video, the couple of water holes are in the middle, then the clay ends and the track opens up a bit and turns to white gravel:

To be continued... ... .. .
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