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Originally Posted by wachs View Post
Read the OBDR part but need to go way back as I lost track of your awesome saga and must catch up.

That Pirelli was chundered

'Smell ya later MT21' -

Happy Halloween !

Hiya wachs!
hey, glad to see you're back on the horse/pig!

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
I've camped at that same spot, right next to the road with a little trickle of a stream down the bank.
lotsa nice camping places on the OBDR! I wish you could watch that one! It's dogs camping. Check it out later :)

Originally Posted by Idahosam View Post
WOW, Holy guacamole... I have been home for a week now and been trying to catchup on all my favorite RR's and taking care of personals. You guys have had one hell of of an adventure just trying to read it all made my head spin.

That was a whole lot for me to take in! You Guys are awesome.
Hey Sam!
Yeah, BC was pretty crazy, huh?
Hope it gave you some ideas for next summer...
thanks for the vid - haven't seen that one in a long time!

Originally Posted by alcanrider View Post
are you sure its ki ki ki ah ah ah and not che che che ah ah ah? Ah never mind, I'm just being silly again. Still reading your RR and still lovin the scenery
haha, I'm just going with the wiki.
Oh, wait. I messed it up.
It's supposed to be "ki ki ki ma ma ma" - read the music wiki here.

Day 50: 8/10/12
Near Ukiah, OR to Cranes Crossing CG 222 miles

A chipmunk started yelling outside our tent at 5am.
 Shut up!

Sigh. But, we fell back to sleep ( I still think they're cute ).
Didn’t eat oatmeal until 8:30.

Fast gravel.


Seriously slow cows.
(I didn’t know what slow cow was, but it seems like it’s the opposite of Red Bull. Canadian, don’cha know.)

Hey, this is where the Danger Helicopter lives. We had been looking forward to seeing it...

But, he wasn’t home.
Probably off doing something really important...

The Tower Mountain Lookout.

I took this pic last time, but the info hasn’t changed.

Oh, this would have been a good campsite. Too bad we didn’t remember.

There’s even an outhouse! Bet it’s creepy at night, though.

Oooh, it probably knows too much...

That sign says Blue Mountain Oregon Scenic Byway.

Oriental Creek, 8 miles.

We had a lot of fun with Gravitycheck on this road.
It’s a good spot for filming your buddies (if you’re with any).

OK, I think I’ll leave you here for now.
It’s not a great spot, but I really need to get to bed.
Sorry, pretty lame post.

We’ve had a lot going on this week (and none of it good).

I’m determined to finish this report - don’t worry!
It just might take a little longer than I thought.

Here’s a weird (I know, I know) Mameshiba for you...


I was trying to make boobs. Did it work?

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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