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I know all about those , nice fairings
But that isnt what I was after

I wish it was that easy , I could have just drape molded some acrylic like that and screwed it to the front

that is no where near what I have going
the differences are leaned back,enough to speed up the air and stop swirling , wide enough to form protection, and portable to a low position to be safe and out of the way for off road

I also do not want anything bolted on solid . I want it stable by design with the OEM style breakaway plugs . In case of rider impact they are designed to let the windscreen break loose

off road a tall straight up fairing will feel like it will hit you in the face or neck while standing and riding gnarly,
on road the narrow und straight up position will cause air to swirl and snap around violently
aerodynamics help a lot at speed
like I said , the BMW 12GS has a better windscreen than those fine aftermarket ones pictured for the 950 , but you still take a beating
it needs to lean back and be wide to acheive comfort
but that poses a problem with it being in the way , especially off road

but hey those aftermarket windsheilds are really cool if thats what you want
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