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Saw Back Ridge track Part 3 ... .. .

The track turned into what I like, rough, with enough obstacles to be entertaining, but very little risk of getting stuck...

The next section was mainly white gravel/dirt/rock, heading down hill, with one crazy steep rough section:

With the standard gearing I couldn't go slow enough for this... So I killed the engine and paddled my way down, feet out, using the clutch to brake the back wheel:

Not sure I'd even try riding a big bike up it, lots of loose rock and gravel....

Lots of small water holes, only 1 biggish one, it wasn't very deep:

A few little creeks:

Part I, 16 min video, the steep hill is about 2 mins into it, a decent water hole about 8 mins in,

What a beast!

The last part of the Saw Back Track is just a nice undulating rough track, thoroughly enjoyable ride, nothing hard... Nice scenery with the Saw Back range on the right, little creeks in all the valleys, no issue, if it was raining hard these might be a bit more of a challange:

Part J, 12 min video, to the northern end of the Sawback track

So, that's the Saw Back Range Track, a good challenge, educational for a noob like me, "character building" as some say

That's it for now, I'll add 1 more video and write a bit of a conclusion later... If you've made it this far, you're doing well, Thanks for reading
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