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Originally Posted by caponerd View Post
Cloisonne is a misnomer. The correct name for this type of enamelwork is "Champleve" (with a little accent over the last e, as also should exist in cloisonne)

Both techniques involve enamel with a design created by having bare metal exposed in the enamel.
The difference is that with cloisonne, the design is in the form of a line drawing created using copper or silver wire bent to shape and embedded in the enamel, or soldered to the base metal.
Champleve, on the other hand creates a design by either embossing the metal or engraving it to leave raised metal with the spaces between filled with enamel.
It always irks me when I see advertisements in the BMWON magazine for "cloisonne" pins and badges, when they're clearly NOT cloisonne.

I've done a few badges using etched metal (not direct copies of BMW roundels), which are superior to all the modern production badges I've seen, even the ones sold by BMW dealers. Good enamelwork requires a lot of hand finishing to get a perfect finish.
I have not seen your work but I would recommend this over buying the new ones. All of the repros have the screw holes off by 2mm and if you use the stock screw the head of the screw will crack the enamel when you tighten them down.
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