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Originally Posted by bpeckm View Post
It can be wired to the coil IF you have the beancan/solid state ignition. Otherwise, wrap around the ht sparkplug lead.

If you look at this diagram which is also on Page 1 of this thread, it is pin #10 if you want to pick up the signal from the black wire headed into the rubber block:

I would be happy to send this as a pdf if anybody wants it, just pm me, or email me: bpeckm at gmail dot com.
I used this diagram to wire up my /6 and it worked great. The blue wire from the BMW harness I wired into one side of an aftermarket indicator light I found at the auto parts store and the other wire on the light I plugged into the extra green/black slot on the wire board inside the headlight bucket and the charge light worked great. I was able to find an indicator light that plugged right into one of the existing holes in the headlight bucket. The main hot lead/clock wire on the Acewell I ran to the red to the wire board. Everything works. Thank you for the diagram.
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