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A day out at the dunes... or Dakar?

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
As far as Nasser is concerned. The Jefferies cars are being built because one of Nasser's buddies had a Jefferies sand buggy everyone thought was too cool for school. Jefferies has zero experience building Dakar type vehicles. Simple things like putting a windshield on a buggy changes everything and cooling/air flow becomes a major issue. Again, Jefferies has zero experience with any building, let alone prepping of a Dakar vehicle. Neither Nasser nor Carlos will make it as far as Nasser did in the RGM prepped buggy last year. Mark my words.
That's interesting... when the announcement first came out of Nasser and the US buggy idea, I thought to myself; "Hmmmm... Al Attiyah must have exhausted all of the other viable (top team) seat options out there - eg. a Hilux, or a MINI or even a X-Raid BMW - to go with a putting his money into a "from the ground up" project like a new 2WD buggy from the states...?"

I mean, with the funding he has from QATAR, you'd think that one of the above type of options would be logical... Existing teams, with proven vehicles and experience/logistics of the race... but then again it could be a case of "no spare chairs/burnt bridges" was the response from the other camps?

When the announcement came... although I looked - I couldn't find anything more on the cars, than just some passing journalist rhetoric that stated the "buggies" were being built in California and they'd claimed to have 735 horsepower. All the photo's I could find were either of Nassers previous QATAR sponsored rides (mostly logo in the background) and one stock photo of an airborne Trophy Truck (which I was pretty sure from the get go was not what the vehicles would be based on).

From what you say Strong Bad, the vehicle will be petty much just a "Dakar farkled" Jeffries sandrail with a windscreen, a reconfigured fuel tank, a restricted detuned motor and some sand ladders in the back?

Couple that with the fact that the whole project has been "assembled" in only months (nothing like even the 5 to eight years R&D and experience the Gordon/SPEED effort has behind it) and the fact there are going to be two pretty big ego's in two of the drivers seats (remember Carlos and Nascar Al Attiyahs panel swapping exploits in 2011...? )... all this wrapped up in an 11th hour deal to get to the start podium in January...?

Yeah Strong Bad... I gotta say that I agree with you, and refer back to my first reaction/comment on the subject, earlier in the thread;

(this has sprinklings of the whole Gordon/Nasser 2012 scenario written all over it )

pass the popcorn please...
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