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I was at Laguna the last year Stoner was on the Ducati and trackside you could see how much harder he was riding than anyone else with the exception of Rossi.

None of these guys are shabby but Stoners commitment on the brakes into turn five compared to Hayden on the same bike was stunning and clear to see. TV doesn't capture the comparative sense of effort you get trackside.
I remember watching Hayden and Stoner at Laguna too. Coming up the hill to the Corkscrew, Stoner's bike sounded angry, charging up the hill with the front tire in the air or skimming the track the whole way up. Hayden's bike sounded flat, lifeless, and the front was seemingly glued to the track. Every lap. Stoner, of course, was a lot faster. Technically, the difference between the two was obviously electronic settings. But why was Hayden running so much more interference? He had access to Stoner's data and settings, so he knew the difference. He just couldn't ride the bike the way Stoner did.

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