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My 1200 GSA.

This is my Daily ride, it's a 2007 GS Adventure, with a few cosmetic mods.
I use this daily for my commute to work and back, and it very seldom goes off-road. Decided to give it my spin on a triple black, as I doubt I'd ever spend that kind of ash on a new Bike, so I did the following.
Powder Coated the Pannier Bars, and front crash bars Silk Black. Never understood why BMW would have a black chassis, and then fit Aluminium coloured Pannier bars from the factory, it's SO obvious they were an afterthought. This way, all chassis bars are black.. Looks a lot more cohesive.
I also resprayed the Bose and the Tank Cover Gloss Black, and fitted Red Lettering.
Then Powder Coated the GS Panel below that Silk, so it's a slightly different tone, thus adding to the "triple" in black.
To set it all off, I put on some Reflective Rim Tape, both to match the Red Lettering, as well as to assist in night riding, as it's a safety thing for me, and being visible.

I too had issues with the Fuel pump and getting the right hand lobe to push fuel across to the left hand lobe where the pump is, so I fitted an electric submersible pump in the right hand lobe where the sucking Jet pump is.. Now I get 37.5 Liter's out the tank, good for 650 Km's.

That's about it really.. I think it looks quote good for a 5 year old bike, and he's ready for another 5 years..

And here, pictured before I did the front bars etc, and posing with my recently completed "CR".


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