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Day 15 Pamakkule to Alexandrouopolis, Greece

Funnily enough we had a good night's kip last night, no beer and a comfy bed to sleep on. Breakfast was the good old Turkish affair of ham, cheese, bread, olives and jam. This place was well worth the 15 quid we paid for B&B.


We were shooting for the border with Greece today. Not wanting to fight through Istanbul again we decided to use the Lapseki ferry. It was a long but enjoyable day. We were still on half decent single track roads and as we were following a map not a sat nav we made some errors and ended up seeing things we would otherwise have missed including huge melon fields and their owners and their stalls selling the melons on the side of the road.

Melon Stands

Thousands of ollives drying in the sun

We timed it perfectly for the ferry and arrived seconds before it was due to set sail. it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, and it was a very pleasant sailing other than having to use a drop toilet for the first time, which if im am honest could have done with a little bit of a clean, ie make sure your feet donít touch any brown bits.

The Ferry

We crossed the border at Ipsala and I am now certain that unless I am intending on stopping in Istanbul this is the way I will come to Turkey next time. I have spent a time in Cyprus and helped control the border between North and South Cyprus in Nicosia. The border crossing always took hours and I have to say I was expecting the same here but it was nothing like that. They looked at my passport, saw it was British and waved me through.

As we were getting to the border I spied a 650 single with British number plates on it. Its owner and rider was a recently retired guy called Barry, who in his own words was spending his retirement money before he dies. We had a good chat and it turns out he was going via Istanbul to meet a friend for a few days before heading to his birthplace in India. Oh to have the time of a retiree.

We were determined to wild camp tonight so made our way up into the hills around Alexandrouopolis and found a secluded spot to pitch the tents.

Al was not feeling to well; he had eaten something a bit dodgy and needed to find a toilet every 10 minutes. He had tried to 'eat through it and take loads of Imodium' for the last few days but that had not worked. so he had been fasting for about 12 hours and was going to push through until tomorrow night before he eats again. Me being a good mate I got my cooker out, sorted a nice big spag bol and sat right in front of him eating it.
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