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Originally Posted by jowie View Post
Hi dwf,
I had the same issue on my 07 1200GS (not A) about 6 months ago. Down here in the land of OZ the repair was quoted at $3300. A little searching on the web (including this forum) revealed that the ABS units in 07 GS's is a known issue, and you may have a case to argue with BMW.
I chatted to my dealer (procyles st peters for anyone local) about what I had found on the internet, and he was very helpful. He offered to speak to the importer to see if they would supply a new ABS unit at no cost.
The request eventually went to Germany, with the response being that "if the bike has been serviced by a BMW approved technician in accordance with the service schedule, a new part will be provided at zero cost".
Thankfully my bike met the criteria, and I got the repair completed for labour only (abt $300).

I would have a chat to your friendly BMW dealer ASAP.
Thank you. Since new I have done my own brake service. On the non-servo brake system the fluid flush is very easy and I have not seen the need to have the dealer do it.

Can anyone describe the process for removing the ABS module? Given the fault reading I'm pretty convinced the failure is in the electronics of the unit. I spoke to Module Masters and they can repair it for $250.
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