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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Fantastic interview, thanks for that.... Pity about BF, Chaleco sorted it seems, I wonder what Viladoms and Botturi will decide to do in January?

Agreed, awesome interview. Provides some great insight. Maybe its the translation I used (google) but it didnt seem clear the Lopez was getting a ktm ride, just that he had spent a bunch of $ on a bike and spares...


In an interview with Befurious, Catalan Egypt Rally winner confirmed in an interview that "Francisco Lopez already have bought their place in KTM, with bike rally kit, two engines and suspensions of good for about 150,000 Euros." Adding "since Thomas Oldrati appeared saying that he was not paid in Bordone-Ferrari, the other riders have confirmed the situation. Viladoms Farrés and the rest are virtually no bike, and it's a shame."

Joan Barreda arrives in great shape to Dakar and held nothing back in an interview with Befurious
Two years since Joan Barreda be initiated into the world of rallying, the controversial pilot at first few betting and branded as crazy and risky, but with the passage of time and with the help of the right people is getting out gold oil and becoming everything that touches lately.
Great driver and a better person and agree all try it, now is open to the stretch Befurious which may be the most important moment of rallying in the last 15 years, the possible change in the Dakar cycle.

It will be his third Dakar and near Coma, Despres and Helder Rodrigues Vest, favorites to be top

- What is the key with which you faced the last two rallies of the season, Morocco and Egypt, where you get what many dream?

"The secret is basically the work we do all this in 2012, it is unimaginable and very intense, but mostly I think the key is the human factor, the people I've surrounded me in recent times. This last year I have three or four people behind it are basic in my life and without which there would be able to reap the fruits of all that they have helped me grow.
First my manager John, my great support, which leaves nothing to chance and always there, always aware of the detail, also "Waffy", Wolfgang Fischer, who gives me all my training facilities and is a pillar huge in my work and now Nani Roma, with whom I am working, yesterday without going further in the CAR of Barcelona, ​​learning from their vast experience and their customs in the race, its always positive way of dealing with careers, something Basic. "

among others who surround him now Wolfgang Fischer "Waffy" has been basic and crucial

- So teamwork and especially an experienced team is essential for this explosion of Joan Barreda?

"Indeed, it is basic. If I was only on a computer with a mechanic or a manager who is dedicated to bringing only the management may not be seeing the results now. It is hard work in all aspects and support of many people. For example, in Morocco conducted with more head and less sense, but it is also true that the last day I was racing with possibilities of qualifying to snatch victory and Cyril Despres victory and could pay dearly.
I went out to run in very slippery conditions that the previous night had diluviado and although I fell when I was cutting time from my computer stopped me and made me see that reality in rallying bypasses the all or nothing, but the head and curb your cravings, as I did during the previous days is more important to avoid mistakes and let the others are falling on them, the award came to be second. "

Speedbrain Husqvarna team, a key to development of the Husqvarna and good result

- There is much talk of the new Husqvarna TE 449 Rally is a motorcycle as fast and reliable as it seems, what are the secrets?

"Really, there are no more secrets to do many tests and be on top of it as long as possible, day after day. We worked hard on the bike in Germany, in Italy, Tunisia and Morocco and we've taken many hours trying things. In fact in recent races have only had a problem with one of them, that of Paulo Gonçalves in Morocco and it was because the bolts broke rear brake disc, something difficult to predict and that is not motor problem.
As speed is true that we are a little faster than the rest, it seems that about 3 km / h faster than the KTM tip but not only that, but the acceleration has this bike, in that if we which is above the rest. It is also true that for the Dakar have left to prove in the last two rallies of the FIM with a totally aggressive settings, seeking to test the reliability benefits stop and the bike has behaved like a charm, is a weapon that we have, we know it's there, but in the Dakar is very long you can risk not to mount a radical configuration. "

"We have great weapons, acceleration and top speed. That we use in the Dakar is nothing "

- Navigation and temperance, your sword of Damocles far did you have dominated?

"The truth is that more and more, this is a world and everything is so different from one test to another, so many miles, so many new stages. For example this year I think I'll be the pilot will have done more miles on a bike before the Dakar rally, between 50,000 and 60,000 and it shows in the end, we have gone a long way and that's the key. For example also in these two races has been one thing that has helped me a lot and is open track, being in front, which is difficult in rallying.
Stress and mental exhaustion of opening is brutal, unimaginable. Psychically is a huge effort to go forward looking drawn, reading the roadbook, printing up pace and trying not to get caught the back. I think that today there are only three drivers who can do that, Cyril, Marc and Helder.( ) It is complicated to open and win the stage, I've got only once in Egypt and was the biggest win I've gotten since I've been in rallying. For example, in Morocco, got tired and then I run out, I put in "Diesel mode" to navigate and not fail, and ended up without fail endured much and no serious mistakes, that's what counts. "

Barreda pilot will take more miles behind them before the Dakar this year, nearly 60,000

- So we have a new Joan Barreda?

"Is that we are, we calmly, every day, taking a step further with the bike and learning more and more of everything. We must aim to make a rally of 15 days without receiving the error, and that's the key to this, the tool is work hard and surround yourself with people who will advise you well and transfer their experiences, as you live and know them before you can happen to you, or know how to react when you find them in the face. "

- How do you see the outlook for the new competitive 450 in the Dakar, Honda, KTM, Yamaha, Husqvarna?

"The truth is that going to be interesting, every year will be a more competitive and fairer and more and more tight. Yamaha for example for the Dakar riding a huge structure and invests a lot of money, I think it lacks a preseason make specific and focused for the Dakar as KTM makes or us. Honda has had problems with the fuel rod broke in Morocco, but it was his first race and performance Helder and still young CRF 450 Rally has been amazing and I think that has impressed us all.
KTM on the other hand has the two best, most recognized and experienced pilots and a very experienced team and a big budget. I think it is all very open between these four brands and trademarks are increasingly aware of the reputation and brand image is so huge that win a Dakar. This year I'll tambiñen Matt Fish backpacking (thats a new term for water carrier )and I think after the good work he has done will be a great support. "

"The competition between Honda, KTM and Husqvarna will foster an intense struggle in the Dakar 2013"

- Do you think mastering danger KTM and the Dakar Rally in the World?

"In the FIM World Rally Championship in 2011 and won the Yamaha Helder, but the Dakar is not going to leave out, is too media. For example KTM has set up a game extra budget to accelerate the development and evolution of the 450 Rally that planned for 2014 and will advance to after this Dakar. They have seen that we have Honda Husqvarna and "stepping up" and that can be left behind, winning the Dakar today is basic and does not want to be escape.
It's a race where if we see that there are two drivers on a computer, there are 30 people working behind them so that nothing goes wrong, even leading brands to bring claims lawyers and interpret regulations and racing career in hand, is another way to win that is extremely competitive, and to take the prize for winning the race more competitive, and followed by the world media, but the Tour de France, there can be failures. "

Barreda had the opportunity of joining Bordone Ferrari in January, is now about to disappear

- Earlier this year you had the opportunity to go to Bordone Ferrari with a good contract and paid very well now how do you see a team that seems to disintegrate?

"The idea was great and everything started very well, but the fact is that it is very badly. If you tell me a month ago if Bordone llagaría to Dakar, I'd say yes, because Viladoms, Vest and Botturi have gone to Egypt and Morocco with registration paid by the team, but now it does not look good. Since Thomas Oldrati appeared saying that he was not paid, the other riders have confirmed the situation. Viladoms, Farrés and the rest are virtually no bike, and it's a shame, because if I had known earlier could have participated in the project with Helder Rodrigues Honda that had been an incredibly good option.
Francisco Lopez already have bought their place in KTM, with bike rally kit, two engines and suspensions of good for about 150,000 Euros, Gerard Farres has an option with a private Honda, but the rest if they stay in the team is because you do not have a better option to hold on, as the team must not be very well off financially and the worst can happen in weeks. "

Joan Barreda is postulated as one of the pilots to snatch KTM hegemony in rallying

- How do you plan now this stretch of two months until the start of the Dakar 2013?

"Let's do one more test in Morocco a week focusing on navigation, but now three weeks ahead I be doing physical work fine without touching the bike, regain muscle tone and gain back basically to get him to South America fit as possible, I have had a lot of bike in the last few months and I'm a little tired. It is also important to study each and every stage of the Dakar race with Nani and my team, with Google Earth, providing experiences of each strategy by analyzing the millimeter and sacándole whole essence of the special day, the terrain, to hazards and road books. "
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