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Originally Posted by mpatch View Post
Isn't having unknows the spice of life? I can see being prepared (ie tools, proper gear, some idea of the area/culture, $$, etc.) but planning every stop, camping/hotel spot, road etc. seems to take most of the fun out of any trip no matter the mode of transport. See so many people following or asking for "routes" to get somewhere. The lease enjoyable trips for me have always been when I have a set destination and a set time to get there.

I don't have to read any further then the first post to agree with you 100%. People on here will get upset over this. They are the people that need things all planned out before they'll even consider a trip.

IMO, HUGE mistake, but I've been over it many times on this forum. I stop saying this and just continue to read because most jump on me saying I'm in the wrong.

Being prepared, and planning are two COMPLETELY different things.
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