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Originally Posted by AZ TOM View Post
My 2 cents. To some extent life if what ever God gives us. It's up to us what we do with it. He has given me so much throughout my life the rest is up to me. This 72 year old retired Teamster, truck driver, far to the left, liberal motorcycle rider has had a very lucky life. A few health issues but nothing that has stopped me from riding. Grew up in Hawthorne CA & lived in LA area all my life until moving to AZ in 97. Never smoked & will have a beer or two on ocasion. No secret really just stay as fit as you can & ride as often as you can. Your mind set towards ageing I think is key. Forget about it I know TMI but hope this explains it a bit. I try & avoid stress unless it's really warented. This really helps.
Sound advice. Thanks.
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