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Originally Posted by Yardstick View Post
Converting a 990 to carbs is pretty well documented here, but how about the other way around? Can the 990's EFI system be adapted to the 950? I would really like to have an EFI'd SE without changing out my relatively low mile engine.
Internally you will need to change the tone ring to get the timing done right.
Externally there are a boatload of tabs etc on the 990 frame for sensors and such you wont find on the 950.

Can it be done, sure but to do it properly you most likely would need the entire wiring harness from a 990 to swap for the 950. Then it becomes a matter of finding space for it all and plugging it all up. Also there are smaller diff like airbox covers have stuff in the 990 not on the 950 etc.

I went to carbs on my 990 and the harness was much simpler on the 950.
Then you have the matter of the EFI fuel pump. Where ya gonna stick that sucker since it go INTO the tank.

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