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design/build opensource products for KTM, starting with sidestand foot expander

I had a home made side stand foot that basically makes the foot print a bit larger so it won't sink in sad, grass, know what I mean. It fell off somewhere....Im sick of forgetting the ones I carry with myself, so...

I have a CNC machine. I'm going to make one for myself. Not for $56 like this one, better with rubbery bottom plate may be?

image source:

I though I share it here to see if you advriders have any input. I will keep the designs open-source, I will post the drawings here for everyone to use.

I know this project is very simple thing but it could potentially become a good starting point for more open-source community driven products for 950/990,... so all manufactures can produce them cheaper for us while we can make them better.

I'll be happy to make a few more while Im making one for myself and send it over to whom ever helps out with the design.

let me know what you look for in a side stand expander. do you want to be able to take it on and off,...?

Im curious to see how this evolves.
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