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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
I don't have to read any further then the first post to agree with you 100%. People on here will get upset over this. They are the people that need things all planned out before they'll even consider a trip.

IMO, HUGE mistake, but I've been over it many times on this forum. I stop saying this and just continue to read because most jump on me saying I'm in the wrong.

Being prepared, and planning are two COMPLETELY different things.

I don't think you're wrong. I think you're exactly right.

I plan where I want to go, but getting there I prep for flexibility on the ride. I try to prep extra time for exploring unknown roads. I have a plan, but it's a plan designed around where I want to go, and when I want to go, and how I want to get there. That, to me, is preparation.
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