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Quick update from Coronoado National Forest

Well, from McDonalds actually, as usual.  Yesterday was a day to catch up on some bike maintenance since I had some time.  I don't like taking things apart when I'm out in the boonies, always seems safer to do it when you have some resources available so while I was in the Tempe area I decided to head for a BMW dealer in case I needed anything.

My real concern was the engine light staying on longer than I remembered so it felt good to plug into the computer and see what she was complaining about.


Nothing really, just an ABS fault from a switch I installed to kill the ABS on the fly. Really glad I installed it too considering how much dirt I've encountered so far.
While I was in there I decided to check things over and I'm glad I did. All these washboards have rattled loose a bolt that holds the fuel tank to the frame. It was probably only one more dirt road away from falling out (the bolt, not the tank).


Lastly on the list was this little gem. When your job every day is riding, you become sensitive to the small changes in the bike. The last day something didn't feel right and I think I found the reason.

Easily fixed with a plug in the parking lot. Tubeless tires are so much better than tubes. This would have been a hassle on another bike.

Arrived at my campsite about 6:45pm and went straight to bed. The evening was filled with cars passing through camp on their way to a penitentiary (didn't learn this until morning). The headlights made interesting shadows in the tent all night.
And just to add a little more excitement I awoke to pack of wild pigs passing through my camp. probably 15-20 of some of the ugliest animals I've ever seen. Of course, no one really looks very handsome in the glare of a flashlight in the middle of the night.

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