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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
Your experience with the carbureted small-block chevy is relevant. It probably ran with an AFR in the 11.5 to 13.0 range. From there to the 14.7 we run, the exhaust temperature gets 50-100F higher (estimated). Our bikes start out at 14.7, which is roughly peak EGT. I've richened my mixture across the board so have cooled EGT somewhat. It may be that future IIce products have that effect too. We'll have to wait to hear.
I got this from kind of Readers Digest information.

"A stoichiometric mixture unfortunately burns very hot and can damage engine components if the engine is placed under high load at this fuel–air mixture. Due to the high temperatures at this mixture, detonation of the fuel air mix shortly after maximum cylinder pressure is possible under high load (referred to as knocking or pinging). Detonation can cause serious engine damage as the uncontrolled burning of the fuel air mix can create very high pressures in the cylinder. As a consequence stoichiometric mixtures are only used under light load conditions. For acceleration and high load conditions, a richer mixture (lower air-fuel ratio) is used to produce cooler combustion products and thereby prevent detonation and overheating of the cylinder head."

I assumed that the IICE Air adjusted via the air temp sensor constants programmed into the settings to provide richer mixtures to help with throttle transitions under load to help with stumbling with BMW's OEM settings. My GSA is for off road and off throttle under load is needed and transitions must be smooth...high ambient temps at low speeds, heavy loads [oil/air cooled] cause my engine temps to yes, I am seeking more delicate and controlled use of throttle to stay hooked up and upright, while not self-digesting my motor due to excessive far the IICE Air has met those needs, more so in throttle control and less in reduced engine temps..throttle is less abrupt with IICE Air.

I too am eager to get the next two phases installed; the Smooth and Cool. Hope "cool" refers to temp!
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