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Thanks for this great app!

I just discovered this program a little bit ago, and I really like it so far. Everything that my garmin(s) has been missing for two decades. I've had time to pick up a used DEFY and all the mounts and cables. I'm still working on getting the Defy working as I need to get a sim card.
I'm having some troubles with DSM overlays. I start with a JPG, then put it into google earth, then align, then "Save place as" to get a kmz file. I then go to DSM overlays, and upload it. It looks like it goes up completely, then gives me a message. The file is ~2Mb. I see that there was someone with the same issue several posts ago. The response was that there was something wrong with the KMZ file, and it was manually fixed?
I want to say thanks again, and I will be purchasing as soon as I can get my new to me droid working.

and... I would like to offer building some aluminum controller cases for you, if they are still needed.
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