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Originally Posted by jglow View Post
Believe me, we were expecting the ferry trip to be awesome as well. In hindsight, there were several factors that contributed to it being a bit of a let down...

1. Weather (as I mentioned earlier) - it seriously rained 80% of the time for the 4 days we were on the boat.

2. We had also been on the road and on our own schedule for several weeks. I think it was quite a shock to suddenly be confined to one area with no options.

3. Duration - we took one of the longer Ferry rides. I think 2 days would have been the ideal length of time.

Overall I wouldn't recommend against taking the ferry. Heck, it's the only was to see, and access, a lot of those areas. We did get to see Humpbacks and Orcas, and made some new friends while aboard. For us, it was just bad luck with the weather really. It was nice to be off the bike for those days to rest, but by the end of it we were ready to ride!

I lived in SE Alaska for some years, utilizing the Ferry System frequently. Some of the best times were spent just getting off in the villages like Tenakee or Hoonah, and hanging out a day or two. You have to have loose expectations as far as what your experience will be. That part of Alaska is like no other place I have ever lived, and I've been a lot of places. Great report, very enjoyable.
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