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Originally Posted by nathanthepostman View Post
I never realised you were such a mentalist....

Awesome report Bernard. Love the way you interact with stuff. Makes me want to come ride with you.

Thanks Nathan, I really appreciate your feedback.
When I tell Birtles that Dot's partner has emailed, he will have an oil leak - he's so very much in love with Dot.

Yes, at CT-speed you're almost a permanent feature of the environment so it's possible to get on personal
terms with what's out there (and usually missed at +100kph). It was easy to stop quickly to rescue
sunbathing lizards and other creatures from off the road - I love the CT for that.

The offer of a CT in NZ is still open if you're down this way.
Also, Birtles hates retirement and longs to feel once more the gentle impact of flies on his headlamp and to
hear the whistle of his spokes as he speeds downhill. He has offered to take me around Tasmania
(either Feb or Apr, not finalised yet) so that's another ride you are welcome to join.


PS Grimpeur, Ringie and Peggie all send their regards. (Peggie #096 is the only one who
knows you personally but he has told the others about Dot's adventures).
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