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Hi guys, first post here. I was searching online last night and ran across this post. I know its a little dated, but there is a lot of great info within this post. My main inquiry was in reference to the bext XC dirt bike. I've had a couple of Kawasaki MX bikes in the past, but outside of that, I'm pretty clueless with regard to what makes a good XC dirt bike, so I really appreciate this post.

My main question is for Silver and I hope he see's this...I noticed that you are in the Tulsa, OK area. I actually live in BA and work just down the road from K&N...anyway, my main question is, would you recommend any groups to get involved with in the area for someone who is interested in getting started in the racing scene in Oklahoma? I don't know anyone that rides dirt bikes in the Tulsa area, so I'm trying to put out some feelers for fellow riders in the area. When I lived in Arkansas, I had a couple of friends that raced GNCC events, but they are more than two hours away from me, and I haven't talked to them in probably 6 years, so that really doesn't help.

For a long time, I have been wanting to start racing harescrambles, enduros, etc. I raced Mtn. Bikes as an Expert/Cat1 and Road Bikes as a Cat 2 at the national level for 6 years before going to college and starting a family. I spent 9 years working in bike shops, and while growing up, I always rode dirt bikes and quads, just never raced. Dirt bikes were always part of my cross-training regiment and a very enjoyable break to the 4-8 hours a day I would spend on the bicycle. However, I've decided now that I want to turn the tables and race dirt bikes, while using my Mountain/Road Bike fitness to my advantage.

Does anyone else on here have any prior Mtn. Bike experience? If so, how much did it help you on a dirt bike in the woods?
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