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Snowflake Mag meets Honduran Pothole: Now stuck in Nicaragua ADV SOS!

Fellow inmates, I am hoping someone out there can help us.

Background: My gf and I are currently riding RTW on a 1979 R100RS. We started in Alaska, rode down through Canada, West coast US to East coast US then back again. Now we are (were!) riding South... 19,200 miles so far and counting

We are riding two up and are very heavily loaded. Please dont tell me we shouldnt be carrying so much and should try to lose some weight. I know. You tell Isabel we dont need 4 pairs of shoes and a whole wardrobe!!

We left El Salvador yesterday with the intention of crossing Honduras in a day and getting to Nicaragua, which we did... just.

The problem: The road was an absolute minefield for potholes and we were doing well to avoid them until about 10 miles from the border when we hit one that was lurking in the shade from a tree.. this cattapulted us straight into another deeper one. We did well to stay on. My pants are now complete with a welded on skid mark.

Here is my front wheel (dink at 4 o clock) :

As if that wasnt enough.. the rear suspension has collapsed too p1ssing oil everywhere . It now feel like we are riding on a pogo stick with square wheels.

The front fork seals were already shot, but are now just a joke. I had planned to change these in Columbia (along with some other bits) anyway. I have had the parts sent ahead to a friend so these can wait. The top box mounting is also shot, but nothing that cant be bodged.

My priorities are as follows: 1) sort the front wheel, 2) sort the rear suspension.

We managed to limp to a rat infested "hotel" last night, got up super early this morning and limped and wobbled at 20mph the 70 odd miles all the way to Leon, Nicaragua. I am going to give the bike a good clean and look over later today to see what else awaits me. Hopefully nothing.

My questions:

a) The front wheel is fcked. The rim has separated from the main body of the wheel for a good 8 inches along the circumfrence. It is still holding pressure, but the tyre rim is popping out along with the innertube. Unless anyone can convince me otherwise this cannot be repaired (safely) and is only good for scrap. Are there any inmates out there who happen to have a spare front wheel lurking in a shed somewhere that they are willing to sell / donate (!) ?

b) The rear suspension is fcked. I dont think there is anywhere around here I can get it repaired but will look around anyway. The biggest bikes they have down hear are Italkia 190cc jobbys. I am sure I could bodge some suspension units from them on but it wouldnt last two minutes with our load. Are there any inmates who happen to have a spare set of shockers they are willing to sell / donate (!) ?

c) Does anyone have any experience of getting stuff shipped down to Nicaragua? I understand there is a DHL office around the corner from here so I should be able to get stuff sent to that relatively quickly? I hope..

d) Is anyone in Leon, Nicaragua that fancies hooking up for a beer ? Have a feeling I am going to be around for a while..!

Any help, advice or words of encouragement gratefully received.


If anyone is interested, see link below for more pictures and info on the trip so far.

This message will also be posted in the Airheads forum..
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