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Originally Posted by disston View Post
If you bent the housing you will probably have to post some pictures so we can see the damage. This is not good.

Start with, just which jet was stuck? Or is it still stuck? The idle or the main jet? It sounded to me like the idle jet because you said you were using a screw driver.

Then again the idles mix screw is made of steel and this may be more prone to being stuck. But all of the jets can be stuck at different times.

Going slow, not hurrying. Using Heat and a good corrosion attacker, Kroil is the best in my book but there are others.
It was/is the idle jet. I took it in to a local "carb guy". I asked him to dunk the carb body as it is pretty grimey. He said he can get it out but it will most likely need to be drilled out. He was actually worried that I couldn't find another jet. I'll post pics of the bottom of it when I get it back.

Thanks for all of the input/info, y'all.
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