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04 950 Adventure electrical problems

I commute on my KTM 950 Adventure, racking up about 10k miles this year across London in all weathers. I know it's not the most reliable commuter bike but its mine and I love it.

Dealt with a few common glitches already, like a blown clutch seal and a hair raising ride without stopping to get home!

This time it's more serious. I have been having more and more problems with electrical power failures. I used to have fairly rare power cut outs. Sudden total loss of power and then it would click back on.

Last week the battery slowly died over a days riding so I got a new regulator and fitted it and got the battery charging again this week. 'No probs' I thought.

Then yesterday the power cut out completely. Total failure on the Westway going into London. I was lucky to get to the side of the road with no lights or power. The two day old main fuse in the starter relay was already showing signs of heat damage and the connection point for it looked pretty dirty. So a clean and she started again and we were home.

Today the power cut out intermittently on the way into work, especially when I put the heated grips and the headlights on. But it always came back.

On the way home the power cut out and checking all the connections, cleaning the starter relay connection and swopping the fuses didn't do anything. So it's in nearby garage waiting for me to work out what to do next!

I'm thinking buy and fit a new starter relay but am not sure. Could it be a catastrophic battery failure because of the earlier regulator problem?
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