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Originally Posted by Twilight Error View Post
From experience, the servo brakes on the 1150 are fine until the ABS unit fails, in which case the system reverts to "residual braking" which is just a little worse than dragging a cinderblock on a rope to slow down. The non-servo ABS failure was largely transparent except for the obvious lack of ABS action.

I suspect the system used in the non-servo 1200 bikes is similar to the non-servo 1150s in that you still have decent brakes but no ABS at all.

My own opinion of the system has come around 180 degrees - I used to be a huge proponent of ABS brakes, until mine failed. I attempted a repair, and I *think* I got it right, but in the end I didn't trust the system to work. So I removed it and have come to the conclusion that proper braking technique trumps technology. I know some will disagree, but unless they're willing to buy me a new ABS unit, I'm going to stick with my unlinked/unservoed/unABSed brakes.
I rode mine back from the dealer today and the brakes were fine minus ABS. It's a feature I paid for and want.
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