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Originally Posted by Blader54 View Post
hey man, the RRs here are rife with stories about how "waterproof" gear turned out not to be, or usually, that it was only waterproof for water trying to get OUT again! You just got caught out a bit, but recognized the danger and you adapted...took action.....and overcame the problem at least to the extent that you were able to get to your next hostelry, right? Using the Duc's exhaust to warm up was brilliant. Once again made me start thinking....this time about ways to improve waterproof gear. I also got a kick out that shot of the signs entering North Carolina.....they really like to stack them up: State sign, County sign, demand that bikes have lights on, demand for helmets, and then more signs right behind those. A person would have to come to a complete halt to read all that! I'd love to be able to goof on the "motorcycles burn headlights" sign over the use of "burn" but I have to concede that it just may be the shortest message you can put on a sign that tells bikers to turn their headlights on.
Lucky your not in the UK then those wet roads would have nice white painted caution / chevron lines on all your braking zones for the nice corners.

Great rr stay warm.
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