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it wont help to start throwing parts at it
you will need to troubleshoot

start at the battery, trickle charge and test the battery for voltage, it should read 12.8volts or more at rest,

next check the battery leads : a most common problem on the 9xx adventures
gain access to the battery, turn on the key and try to wiggle the battery and look at the guages on the dash , if all the digital reads stay stable, you are OK

if the battery leads are good check all the fuses , sometimes they look OK but the break is not visible
you can check for continuity with a multimeter

if the fuses are good check wire connections for continuity
a good indicator is the speedo readout , or a test light, wiggle and tug wires while someone watches the dash panel

then if not loose connections, check wire continuity , the wires running up the frame from the battery especially

start tracing the power from the battery on with a test light
if its intermittent clamp the test light on and wiggle wires and connections

also check the key switch for faiure , hook up a test light to the wires in and out as you wiggle the switch

most electrical problems are caused by :(in order of probablity)
failed connections
failed batteries
failed switches
failed wires
failed charging system
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