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Originally Posted by CramerTV View Post
I was thinking about doing one or more of the BITD races next year and was wondering how they compare the the D37 H&H races. I've only ever done the first loop but I've done a couple of the Nationals first loops which weren't a cakewalk.

Are the BITD courses more, equal to or less technical? Obviously they are a lot longer than 45 miles but if the terrain is easier then more miles doesn't take more skill, just more conditioning.

Thanks for any input.
Save your money until you get your black numbers in D-37 before you spend the high dollar BITD entry fees. BITD has bike only races which have D-37 style single track. However, all of the races that also have cars are all on non-technical uber fast two track. If you can't do 2 loops in D-37 you shouldn't be in BITD. Wait until you are good enough to finish all of the loops at a national then step up to BITD.
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