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Originally Posted by mustardfj40 View Post
Can you please post some pics of how you installed it and wired it up? Thanks.
Sorry, don't have any pics but it's pretty straightforward.
The original RR has 7 wires coming out of it.
2 red/white - positive - to battery
2 green - earth - to battery
3 yellow - to stator - doesn't matter what order.
These wires go to 2 plugs up behind that little triangular cover on RHS of the bike.
The stator plug is rectangular, the pos/neg plug is round.
I stripped the outer cover off, then cut the wires about 6" from the RR.
The Compufire RR has 5 wires.
1 positive - soldered to the 2 red/white
1 earth - soldered to the 2 green
3 stator wires - soldered to the 3 originals.
I then heat shrinked each join and re-wrapped the whole thing with the original cover and rescue tape (self amalgamating tape)
You have to make up a plate to adapt the mounting points because the Compufire mounting holes are further apart than the original.
Hope that all makes sense.
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