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Originally Posted by adam_c_eckhardt View Post
You know what- I agree. I take my sweet ass time making big financial decisions and stopped by several times when I was looking for used excavators and backhoes. I found their used inventory to be overpriced, and I always had the "pleasure" of dealing with one of the owners, and to listen to them talk, I'm surprised they don't charge admission to step foot in the showroom. All they ever did was throw a brochure at me and send me on my way.

Now that the excavator is gone and we're looking at tractors, I decided to give them one last shot and by some dumb luck ended up talking to a guy about my age who is not related to an owner. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and took me outside to show me a few different machines and implements. Class act. But after doing some comparison shopping I find that he's charging more for a used implement (the plow) than others are getting for new ones- that pisses me off. I know it's not the salesman's fault- he's just doing what the owners tell him to do, and he's trying to put food on his table. I've considered going in with my best price to see if they'll match it, but I've heard that the old man is known to kick people out for doing that. In the end I'll probably send the sales kid a gift card or something- because he's the one that sold me on Kubota. It's just too bad he works for people that think their inventory is worth it's weight in gold.

What dealer do you use? Champlain valley equipment in Middlebury is conveinent for parts because the in laws are there. They bought out Riverside Tractor in Berlin, and they're the ones with the killer quote.
I use Townline for parts because they are close. My tractor came from MB Tractor and Equipment in Tilton. I think they have a dealer in Plymouth, NH but I am not sure about that.

Yeah, Townline acts like they are doing you a favor, pretty snobish, arrogant, over priced, reminds me of Gerrish Honda to a large extent.
Most locals have the same low opinion of Townline.

Head on in with another offer and see what he does. What's the worst that can happen, he gets bent out of shape? Geeze, that would be too bad! Lost sale and all.
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