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mine is from a 2002, the carrier not turning smoothly, there's some resistance, and somewhat crunchy.

pushed bearing out, it's made by NSK (germany), # 6205 B2RSR2NG. the OD is 2.0465-2.0470. the bearing itself turns smoothly and no play.

anyway, since it's 2 years old and over 6k miles, i decided to get a new bearing. JAF 6205RS (made in japan @ $30). same OD as the NSK 6205.

i checked the ID of the carrier, 2.0442-2.0445...

based on the above numbers, the interference is over .002. that's a lot....

that explains why the bearing was tight. the outer raceway was getting crushed causing it to collapse.

we do a lot of press fit bearing installation here and the typical interference is .0005 - .001.

does anyone has an uninstalled oem ktm bearing ? OD?

what's the ID of your carrier?

my next move is machine the ID of the carrier by removing .001 of material.
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