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If the ? Is why..

Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
Goosebumps! Good vid, that's what it's all about. I'm still really wanna see how this works on a tall ass 500# machine. I sure hope it works.
As i look around at the different fourms and talk to riders of bikes and sleds, i often hear.. Just turbo a 450/505ect.. Why that big heavy 950? ... And the reply i give... Cause anybody can ride them little bikes!!! Takes real balls to throw your leg over an SE and wick it up.. No matter pavement...gravel...dirt...sand...and sometime near... Snow!!!! Also if you can afford a 10+ k toy...what the hell is 6k more to have something no one yet has...? Yeah i know i can turbo a small thumper... Duh so can anyone else and they can all park next to each other and wish they had balls enough and $$$ enough to have that tall ass..fat ass.. Over the top cool mans toy sittin up on top of that mountain that my wife wont let me climb.... Any other stupid ???'s non SE riders...... Ha ha great vid... Glad tripenickel gets it..:)
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