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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
LC8's have "trellis frames", never heard "bird cage" used, neither had Google when I looked

Obviously you don't know about the Birdcage Maserati.

By the way, your use of the apostrophe in your above sentence is incorrect. The apostrophe does not belong
between the "8" and the "s". If you want to call someone out on mistakes you imagine
they made, best to first make sure you didn't make some yourself, especially not
fundamental mistakes that a mid-level high school graduate shouldn't make.

The point ( which obviously escaped you ) was not to bicker over
the nomenclature of frames, the point was that frames which use many smaller tubes are
labor-intensive to build and composite construction techniques will ( already have, actually ) reach the point
where it costs less to build a composite structure than it costs to build a welded steel frame.
This is already happening in the bicycle industry, and the motorcycle industry will follow
suit whether you agree or not. While you are sitting there telling us all how and why it
cannot be done, there are already people doing it and there will be more of them every year.
Of course, they could all be wrong ... maybe you'd better call up Trek Bicycle and tell them
they need to quit making composite frames for midrange bikes ...


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