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Ok, let's add lubricants to that which we don't speak of anymore.

Gear ratios then.

I have a wide ratio 6 speed with the 6th as an overdrive. (berg 650)
Some above think that that is what they want in the lighter KTM v-twin rtwadv bike.

I disagree.

The wind resistance at the speeds between revved out in 5th or bogging in top gear make an overdrive 6th a flawed concept.

The reality is a 6-10 mph range of speeds that my engine isnt happy doing. (depending on my final gearing.)

I'd rather have an even spread across the gear range. 1rst is good, 6th is good. It's 2,3,4, and 5 that need do be incrementally taller. My bike and any other bike can pull those wider ratios at lower speeds without issue.
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