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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
Composites can be designed to deal with a LOT of abuse. It's common to see a composite mountain
bike frame these days.
And I've seen allot of them crack how many cro-moly bike frames have you seen cracked?

How many pedal bikers take cf framed bikes on world tours? How many touring bikes are even made with a CF frame?

The "tub" in virtually all Formula 1 cars is composite and is much stronger for
its weight than it could otherwise be if it were made of metals. Drivers routinely survive crashes which
would have been fatal in the days of Mallite ( alloy sandwiched with end-grain balsa ) chassis or "birdcage"
chassis ( a KTM 950 frame is a birdcage structure ).
That has nothing to do with motorcycle frames... The goal of those structures is to redirect and asorb the impact they're one use only.

When I crash my adventure bike in the middle of know where I want the frame to survive even if it's bent to shit versus having unrideable cracks, and I'd like to be able to roll up to some back water town and find a welder and have them be able to make repairs.

Metal bends, CF fractures.

Composites are absolutely the way forward, though as
long as motorcycles continue to sell with the old tech there is no reason for the manufacturers to change what
they offer.
How many carbon framed motogp bikes are there?
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